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to 12.12. kello 19.00 - kello 20.00

Nuorten Kauneimmat Joululaulut Kauniaisten kirkko

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ke 26.2. klo 18.30 -20.00


Jesus as historical figure. English Discussion Group.

Jesus of Nazareth is a historical figure. There is no doubt about it. But he is also an object of faith and center of Christian religion. So what do we know about him through historical study and research?
ke 4.3. klo 18.30 -20.00


Heaven and afterlife. English Discussion Group

Heaven and afterlife (gate to afterlife is hidden into the Kauniainen church, wink wink). One thing is sure as death: that we die someday. But what happens after that? Do we dissolve with our bodies? No, reply many religions.
ke 11.3. klo 18.30 -20.00


Humor. There is always reason to laugh in English Discussion Group.

Humor is almost divine aspect in human beings. It cures, amuses and sometimes it reveals truths that we are otherwise unable to see. But what is humor actually? How is it made?