English discussion and rice porridge

ke 11.12. kello 18.30 - kello 20.00

English discussion and rice porridge Kauniaisten kirkko

Finnish Christmas is made from rice porridge and other delicatesser. So let's taste it.

We will eat Finnish porridge, but discuss in english. So students and other english speaking people, you are welcome here. Pastor Kari Kuula and Tiia Sahrakorpi will be our cooks. 

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ke 26.2. klo 18.30 -20.00


Jesus as historical figure. English Discussion Group.

Jesus of Nazareth is a historical figure. There is no doubt about it. But he is also an object of faith and center of Christian religion. So what do we know about him through historical study and research?
ke 18.3. klo 18.30 -20.00


Living a sustainable life. English Discussion Group

You hear about climate change everywhere. And it makes us uncomfortable. Some are burdened by quilt and others fear the worst. How to find a peace of mind in this situation?
ke 25.3. klo 18.30 -20.00


Understanding personality and characteristics. English Discussion Group

Personality traits are very interesting part of ourselves. In one way they make us what we are. So what kinds of personalities there are? Is it possible to categorize them somehow?