English Discussion Group

ti 2.10. kello 18.30 - kello 20.00

English Discussion Group Takkahuone

We are all sensible people: So why is there evil in the world? Or is it just a matter of perspective? What do you consider to be evil? What is the difference between evil and weakness? What about bad luck (being in the wrong place at the wrong time)? What is the concept of sin and a sinner? How does Christian faith explain the presence of evil in the creation of a good God?

Want to meet interesting people. Come join a weekly discussion group in English. We will share our ideas on life and faith. Meetings are run by Tiia Sahrakorpi and pastor Kari Kuula, Kauniainen Church, tel. 050-5908308 

Katso myös

ke 21.11. klo 18.30 -20.00


English Discussion Group. Overcoming fears and anxiety

Reasonable person is afraid of dangers. But sometimes sensible fear grows into anxiety. How to keep these two apart?
ke 28.11. klo 18.30 -20.00


English Discussion Group. How would you like to be remembered?

We want to live happy lives but we also want to leave our mark on this world. From what would you like to be remembered? How would you like to make this world a little better place ?
ke 5.12. klo 18.30 -20.00


English Discussion Group. Final session. Making some food.

Final session of discussion group. So we will make some plans for the future. And we will cook some food.