English Discussion Group

Do you want to meet nice people and discuss in english? If so, this is for you.

Dr Tiia Sahrakorpi and pastor Kari Kuula will lead you to discuss on interesting topics. And coffee, of course. 

We 4.9. at 18.30-20.00. Interpreting dreams and their meaning.

Sigmund Freud become famous by his classic book Interpretation of dreams. According to his theory, dreams always mean something. They tell about our wishes and repressions. So only you can interpret or explain your dreams.

But it is useful to hear other peoples experiences about their dreams. So, it is possible to solve ageold question: how to interpret dreams. At least to a certain degree.

We 11.9. at 18.30-20.00. Cars as Items, Identity and Symbols.

They are fast and furious. And sometimes we are obsessed over them. But why? What is it in automobiles that give them a special place in our culture?

Did horses have same function earlier? And did people in stone age make a big number about their dinosauruses?

We 18.9 at 18.30-20.00. Digging into the Gospel of Luke.

There are four gospels in the New Testament. Gospel of Luke is specially interested about women. It contains some legendary stories like prodical son and good Samaritan. And that is not all. After his book on Jesus Luke took pen again and wrote a second volume, Acts of the Apostles. It is the first exposition of early church history.

We will open Luke’s gospel and see what it speaks to us.

We 2.10. at 18.30-20.00. Animals as pets and commodies.

Most of us are at least fond of animals. We have pets and feel as if they were part of our families. On the other hand, animals are commodies to us. We grow them in fields and “factories” and use them as food. From that point of view they are not part of our family. They are more like resources.

Is there a contradiction here? How can use sentient beings in such different ways?

We 9.9. at 18.30-20.00. Heaven and afterlife (gate to afterlife is hidden into the Kauniainen church, wink wink).

One thing is sure as death: that we die someday. But what happens after that? Do we dissolve with our bodies? No, reply many religions. According to Christian faith, human being is mortal and if everything takes natural course, everyone will eventually disappear from existence. But since there is a supernatural entity called God, natural course of events will be cancelled. God will take every dying “soul” and keep it existing and living.

So, what to think about this possibility? What kind of visions of afterlife there are? If there were a God and future life for human being, what kind of life that would be? These are speculative issues, naturally. But it makes them even more interesting. So, let us open the curtain to the afterlife. It is placed at Kauniainen Church.